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Biggest International Wrestling Tournament in the USA: Dave Schultz Memorial Live Video

The Dave Schultz Memorial International is the biggest annual wrestling tournament in the United States. Starting at 11:00 am (EST) Bloody Elbow brings you live video from all four mats in the freestyle competition.


The Dave Schultz Memorial International is a pretty darned big wrestling tournament. Today, day 2 of the tournament, men's freestyle takes the mats. I didn't bother posting the Greco feeds from yesterday because nobody around here seems to want to give Greco the time of day, and I probably won't throw up the women's competition tomorrow, because I don't detect much interest in that either, even if the women's field is positively stacked.

People seem happy to watch men's freestyle though, and they should, under the new rules, men's freestyle wrestling is very fun to watch. It still isn't perfect, but, dang, it's entertaining. The men's field in today's tournament is definitely worth watching. Per the new weight class guidelines, there will be 8 weights. The potential marquee matchup of the day will likely come at 61 kg where India's Bajrang is a reigning World bronze medalist, and the USA's Coleman Scott is a reigning Olympic bronze medalist.

Also of interest should be 97 kg, which features no less than four NCAA Division I champs, and 125 kg where big-time MMA prospect Tyrell Fortune takes the mat.

Enjoy the streams below.

I provided a detailed preview for this tournament on the FILA website here.

Brackets and mat assignments can be found here.

Mat 1

Mat 2

Mat 3

Mat 4