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Rener Gracie: 'No limit' to CM Punk's potential in MMA

One of the most famous names in Brazilian jiu-jitsu is talking up the UFC potential of former (?) WWE star CM Punk.

Ed Webster

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Well the fun continues. Monday night WWE star CM Punk apparently walked off the set and possibly left the organization. This comes on the heels of an interview with Ariel Helwani where he talked fighting in the UFC and possibly leaving the WWE.

Now keep in mind that any story that intersects with the WWE is most likely just a work that they're trying to pull over your eyes, so the smart money says CM Punk is still with the WWE and they're just having some fun riling up the fans.

But there's also the possibility that it's real and the even slimmer possibility that Punk may actually try MMA. His BJJ coach Rener Gracie claims the Punk has potential: Here's what he told Fox Sports:

"With the little time he’s had with me spread out over so many years, he’s made remarkable progress," Gracie told FOX Sports. "There’s no telling how successful he would be if he devoted himself full time to the training."

Punk, whose real name is Phillip Brooks, is 35 years old. But Gracie doesn’t believe that would stand in his way if he wanted to compete in MMA. The legendary BJJ trainer isn’t sure if Punk will go out and win a UFC title, but he thinks he could "climb the ladder."

"He can go get some fights, knock some fools out and choke some dudes," Gracie said.

Just to keep things in perspective, here's a tweet from the author of that article:

Here's the Punk's interview with Helwani:

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