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K-1 video and results: Buakaw vs Zhou Zhi Peng from K-1 MAX Grand Prix in Foshan

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Get results and fight video right here from the recent K-1 MAX Grand Prix Quarterfinals in Foshan, China, featuring Buakaw vs. Zhou Zhi Peng in a very entertaining fight.

This past weekend saw K-1 in action as the company continued their current K-1 MAX Grand Prix. The event from this past Saturday in Foshan, China featured 2 of the 4 quarterfinal fights, with the next two scheduled for January. For most kickboxing fans, there's only one name that matters in the tournament - Buakaw.

The former K-1 MAX champion (formerly Buakaw Por. Pramuk, now fighting under the name Buakaw Banchamek after a nasty split with the Por. Pramuk camp) was in action on Saturday, taking on China's Zhou Zhi Peng. With Buakaw being Buakaw and fighting in K-1, and Peng being from China fighting in front of a Chinese crowd, there was definitely the potential for some questionable officiating here. I'll leave it to you to decide just how questionable.

This was a three round fight, and as you will see from the video, at the end of round 3, the fight is declared a draw. They go to an extra round, and Buakaw is not pleased about it one bit. Add in a great crowd and a spirited performance from the young Chinese fighter and you have a very entertaining fight.

Watch full fight video of Buakaw vs. Zhou Zhi Peng above (and be warned now, spoilers are below).

With the win here, Buakaw moves on to the semifinals. Joining him will be Shane Campbell, who was victorious over Christopher Mena on this card. The last two semifinal spots will be determined on January 11, with Enriko Kehl vs. Maximo Suarez, and Elam Ngor vs. Sung Hyun Lee. That card will again be available as a live stream online.