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BE's Baddest Tournament: Who Is MMA's Greatest Submission Fighter Of All Time?

Time for our second BE's Baddest tournament. This time, we crown MMA's Greatest Submission Fighter of All Time. Get your nominations in now!


In the immortal words of Bruce Buffer... IT's TIME!

Time for what you ask? Time for the second installment of the BE's Baddest tournament series. Fedor Emelianenko already stands tall as the BE Baddest Greatest of All Time - who will join him?

This new tournament focuses on one aspect of this thing called mixed martial arts - the submission game. And so I ask you, the BE faithful, this question:

Who is MMA's Greatest Submission Fighter Of All Time?

Now, that's not "who has the best jiu jitsu career and happened to have one random match in Pride in 2002." It's who did the best submission work in the history of MMA. I'll leave it to your discretion how much you value offense vs. defense, how much you account for historical time period, influence, etc.

The process will work exactly like it did last time, which means it's time to start nominating. Here's how the nominations work:

You have someone you want to nominate? In the comment section write "Nominate - Fighter Name", but, you know, replace the words "Fighter Name" with the name of the actual fighter you want to nominate. Clear? Good. So if I want to nominate the submission prowess of Lavar Johnson, I write:

Nominate - Lavar Johnson

From there, it's all about the RECS. If someone has nominated Big Johnson and you want him to move on to the field of 32, REC that person's nomination. The top 32 advance to the tournament, and will be seeded accordingly.

One important note here - DON'T nominate the same person more than once. That just confuses things. So if I want to nominate good ol' Lavar, I should first search the comments to make sure he hasn't been nominated. If he has, I REC him. If not, I nominate him.

Nominations for this tournament end Friday 11:00 p.m. ET, so get them in now. We'll have the tournament draw over the weekend, then voting on each head to head match-up begins next week.

And remember folks, rec, rec, rec. You don't rec up your favorite fighter and he doesn't get in to the tournament? Well, then you have no one to blame but yourself.

Oh, and before you ask, why yes, we did borrow this idea from our friends over at Cageside Seats, thanks. And yes, I did copy and paste much of this from the last kick-off article.

Any other questions, ask them in the comments. If not - LET THE NOMINATIONS BEGIN!

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