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Dana White looking toward Jose Aldo vs. Anthony Pettis for 'superfight' if Aldo wins at UFC 169

Maybe Jose Aldo isn't overlooking Ricardo Lamas, but it sounds like Dana White might be, with visions of making one of the vaunted "superfights" happen this year.

Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

The moment Anthony Pettis climbed in to the title picture he's been trying to make a fight with Jose Aldo happen. As the number one contender he dropped down to featherweight to get that fight, but an injury and an eventual need for a lightweight title replacement derailed it. After winning the belt he didn't hesitate to offer up the fight he'd like next, and, no surprise it was Jose Aldo. Apparently Pettis' campaigning, as well as Aldo's long term dominance, are starting to work their way into Dana White's mind as he spoke of Fox Sports 1 on Monday about the possibility that Aldo may have cleaned out the contenders at 145 (transcript via MMA Mania):

"I agree with you (Aldo's done everything at featherweight). It's tough for him to make that weight. And it wouldn't be a bad idea that when Pettis comes back, for him (Aldo) and Pettis to fight. We were going to do that fight once at Aldo's weight, it might not be a bad idea for him, should he win this weekend, to possibly move up."

There's no arguing that Aldo has been one of the UFC's most dominant champions, but it's hard to say that his division feels short on rightful challengers either. Mendes has steadily been working his way back to the belt and seems to be twice the fighter he was in his first meeting with Aldo. Likewise Dustin Poirier and Cub Swanson have been methodically building their title hopes. Any one of these fighters would be a reasonable condidate for a title shot. However, a fight between Jose Aldo and Anthony Pettis is one of the most intriguing and exciting bouts the UFC can make and Pettis badly needs a fresh challenger for his title. Coupled with Jose Aldo's long stated desire to eventually make his way to 155 lbs, this may be the perfect time to make a big fight happen.