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Former UFC light heavyweight Keith Jardine takes down a mail thief

While 2013 may not have seen any in cage action for Keith Jardine, he's starting the new year off right with a win in... a mail fight?

When former UFC fighter Keith Jardine saw a man outside his house grab the mail out of his mail box, dump it in his car and drive off he took action. He jumped in his monstrous truck and gunned off after the the man. Once he caught up with him a simple threatening gesture was all it took to settle the matter. While the man, Richard Davenport, claimed he was picking up mail for a friend and grabbed Jardine's in error, police found mail from several other houses in his vehicle. Jardine went over the exchange for reporters:

Some guy gets out, goes in my mail box, grabs all my mail, throws it in his car, and then speeds off. I just find my keys, I run out of the house, I jump in my Bronco, and I chase down the street after him.

It's always nice to know that some of this MMA stuff really works on the street. Be sure to stay tuned to Bloody Elbow for more news, notes, updates, as well as technical breakdowns and dissections leading up to UFC 169 this Saturday, February 1st.

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