So you wanna be a Kountermove winner?

*I am in no way associated with Kountermove.*

If you haven't tried out Kountermove, you are missing out. The rules are simple:

1. 25k salary cap

2. you pick 5 fighters. values are based on favourite/underdog mostly.

3. Earn points and (try to) win money.

Points are earned for significant strikes, takedowns, submission attempts, dominant positions maintained, rounds won and for finishing (ranging from 100 points for a 1st round finish to 50 points for a 3rd round or later finish.

That is my KM profile (just to lend some credibility here). So here are my tips on how to finish in the cash.


I honestly cannot stress the importance of getting into every single freeroll you can. BE itself usually runs a tournament for bigger cards, and twitter is always crawling with freerolls in the days leading up to an event. For a bigger card (like 168), I was able to get into 4 free games that all had a decent prize pool. I took 40 bucks from those 4 games. Even smaller cards like UFC on FOX 10 still had 2 free games that paid out. Take advantage of these!


So now you entered your free game and are staring at a blank slate and 25k. What do you do? The common misconception in Kountermove is that you need to pick the main carders....this is a mistake! The most important thing in Kountermove is picking guys who finish. Undercard fighters are great to pick here because they are usually fairly priced and you can always find a mismatch on the card. The other thing to look out for is guys who will go for the finish or get finished. Even if they are expensive, you *must* find a way to get them on your team. This past week, having Cowboy made sense despite the $5400 price tag. I took Mike Rhodes on my team, who lost, but put up 42.5 points in his effort. My team of Rhodes, Cowboy, Wheel Kick Daron, Wineland and Jeremy Stephens was good enough for 18th in the Toe Hold tournament. Not a huge win, but I'm not going to complain about betting 5 to take 30.


Picking someone who get's KO'd in 2 minutes? You might want to throw out your card. Picking a guy who loses a decision? Don't jump off the cliff yet. So long as your fighter is landing shots and is active, it can still translate into decent point on Kountermove. Going back to Saffadine vs. Loud yelling Lim, I picked Dave Galera in Crooklyn's 2k tourny. Whoops. Despite him being awful, my team still managed to finish 20th. If you are going to pick a guy you aren't familiar with, try and look at a HL reel on him on YouTube. Is he active? Will he throw up submissions if he is taken down? Is he a point fighter? These are the kinds of the things that can take you from 100th place to 10th place.


I'm guessing the majority of players enter the big tournaments because of the chance at a bigger payday - Crooklyn's, Toe Hold, Wicks, look to the other games to win some quick cash. See a 1 on 1 game vs. someone who isn't that great (which you can check by clicking their profile)? Enter it. Beating a handful of people is much easier than beating hundreds of people. Also pay attention to the prize payouts of these games. My favourite small games to play are the 2$ entry for 5 people to take 9$ total for the win. 20% chance to win 7 bucks? Sign me up. The small wins can add up quick.


Kountermove often hides a diamond in the rough - a fighter they undervalue that has a great chance to win and put up big points in the process. Finding these guys is one of the key's to finishing in the cash. A great example of this is someone like Travis Browne at UFC 168. He only cost you $4400, and was an underdog, but still had a great chance to pull out the win. If you took the gamble on the big man, you were returned with 106 points - that's the kind of number you hope every fighter gets you.


This is probably the most important tip because after all, you can't win if you don't get points. Kountermove bases its points on how Fight Metric records the bout. That means that only significant strikes count for points. Want to pitter patter the jab all night? You may win in the UFC, but you won't be winning on Kountermove. A perfect example of this is Benson Henderson. This past week, he was valued at $5900, which would have seen players get 66 points out of him (and it would have been 56 if the judges got the scoring right as he was given 30 points for winning all 3 rounds). Fight Metric recorded 46 significant strikes for the entire fight on his side, and with each sig. strike given a half point, Bendo is virtually a team killer. Watch out for guys like him.

These are just some quick tips to help you win some money when you play Kountermove. They aren't fool proof and as Gus Johnson knows - anything can happen in MMA - but I've found that these tactics have helped me out greatly.

Happy Picking!

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