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UFC: Roy Nelson has applied for Keith Kizer's vacated position with the NSAC

UFC heavyweight contender, Roy Nelson has made his desire to fill Keith Kizer's shoes official by applying for the NSAC executive director position.


Since Keith Kizer vacated his position as executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, there has been no shortage of conjecture on who should replace him. The position, "open to all qualified applicants" carries with it a decent salary range of nearly six figures, plus an impressive benefit package that includes paid health, vision, dental, life/disability insurance, retirement plan, 11 paid holidays as well as paid sick and annual leave. A PDF of the application can be viewed and/or downloaded here.

For the qualified folks actively involved in the Nevada sports scene, this appears to be a dream job. In the mixed martial arts sector, a serious applicant has come forth. Current UFC Heavyweight contender, Roy Nelson has made his desire to fill the position very clear in a recent interview with Bloody Elbow. Here's what he had to say on the topic, as well as when he estimates his next fight to be and who he would like to be matched up with:


I have put my application in. My wife and I were talking about having something besides fighting to fall back on, and I think I would be able to do some good. This is my hometown, it's where I was born and raised, so I feel it's a way for me to help further the sport.


With me, I can draw more people back to Vegas to help the budget. That's a big part of it. Of course I want to help get the sport cleaned up, but helping Nevada financially and bringing more revenue in is one of the primary goals I have. The others involve making sure we have better officiating and better fighter safety.


I haven't told them (the UFC) of my intent, but I don't think they'll mind my intentions here. I think they'd probably be happy that I'm just trying to make the sport better. It would be the building of a relationship that would help the UFC, MMA and all of combat sports in Nevada.

Next Fight

I'm hoping it's in April or May. I'm supposed to find out here in the next couple of weeks. I like to fight legends, so if I had a choice, it would probably be Big Nog. All the other heavyweights are booked right now, so yeah, Big Nog would be good.

You can follow Roy via his Twitter, @RoyNelsonMMA