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Knuckle Up #433: Where UFC On Fox 10 Screws The Just + The Unjust Alike and Dana White and the Visage of Dana White Blots Out the Sun

In Round #433 non-MMA Journalist of 2013 and KNUCKLE UP host EUGENE S. ROBINSON [with the "S" standing for "SuperSport"] does the unlikeliest of unlikely things and launches a spirited defense of JOSH "THE PUNK" THOMSON a man and a fighter whose politics he has been on record as saying are "pooperific". And this in light of the fact that he had picked BEN HENDERSON to win. And if that's not diabolically paradoxical enough he breaks down AKA's path to glory, DANA WHITE's interest in all things DANA WHITE, GONZAGA's confusion about sitting on the couch vs. the stair master, SERGIO PETTIS' minor league setback and a raft of not-ready-for-polite-prime-time viewing. And he does it all on three hours of sleep (don't ask).

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Eugene S. Robinson host of Knuckle Up and author of Fight: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ass-Kicking but Were Afraid You'd Get Your Ass Kicked for Asking [Harper Collins], A LONG SLOW SCREW [Robotic Boot] and a play called THE INIMITABLE SOUNDS OF LOVE; A THREESOME IN FOUR ACTS [Southern] also sings for a band called OXBOW and appeared in Bill Cosby's Leonard Part 6, a Miller Genuine Draft commercial, and had his own TV show in Germany called? "The Eugene Robinson Show." He has two new records out now"SAL MINEO" with JAMIE STEWART from XIU XIU and STRANGER BY should buy them. Or any of the ones by Oxbow for that matter.

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