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2013 Bloody Elbow WMMA Awards Results: Best Knockout

Come find out if the girls you voted for are the winners of the inaugural Bloody Elbow WMMA awards!

Esther Lin

After a few weeks of voting, and some furious social networking from fighters, the results are finally here. Bloody Elbow, these are your 2013 WMMA Award winners starting with....

Knockout of the Year

Winner: Holly Holm unleashes her inner Mirko Cro Cop with a vicious and clean left head kick KO, landing 48% of the votes.

Over in Mexico, Irene Aldana picked up some heat from her fans and picked up a very impressive 20% of the vote from a virtually unknown fighter for her spinning wheel kick and punches finish of Maya Arce.

Other nominees: Jinh Yu vs. Darla Harris (10%), Miriam Nakamoto vs. Duda Yankovich (7%), Alida Gray vs. Soannia Tiem (6%), Veronica Rothenhausler vs. Katalina Malungahu (4%), Jessica Rakoczy vs. Roxanne Modaferri (3%), Mylla Torres vs. Camila Lima (2%), Nina Ansaroff vs. Mullah Holland and Vanessa Guimaraes vs. Bruna Paiffer (0%)

My pick: Jinh Yu vs. Darla Harris

Honestly, that was one of the rawest knockouts I've ever seen. Holly Holm's was a textbook round house head kick. But the brutality of Jinh Yu on the aptly nicknamed "Train Wreck" Darla Harris was just another level. "Tripling up" on her left side from the southpaw stance. Left headkick that stunned her. A left that 'left' her knocked out on her feet and a final left as Harris falls back like she was doing a "trust" exercise. Oh, and the fact JInh Yu broke her hand knocking Harris out adds a few points in my books too. That final image of Harris laying motionless on the ground, leaned up against the cage is just...damn.

Full fights and results

48% Holly Holm vs. Allanna Jones (Full Fight)

20% Irene Aldana vs. Mayra Arce (Knockout)

10% Darla Harris vs. Jinh Yu (Full Fight)

7% Miriam Nakamoto vs. Duda Yankovich (Full fight)

6% Alida Gray vs. Soannia Tiem (Full Fight)

4% Katalina Malungahu vs. Veronica Rothenhausler (Full Fight)

3% Jessica Rakoczy vs. Roxanne Modaferri (Highlights and GIFs)

2% Camila Lima vs. Mylla Torres (Full Fight and GIF)

0% Nina Ansaroff vs. Munah Holland (Full Fight)

0% Vanessa Guimaraes vs. Bruna Paiffer (Knockout)