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Confirmed: Jose Maria Tome has been released from the UFC

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After a week of mixed reports MMA Fighting has confirmed that Jose Maria Tome has been released from the UFC.

Tome (right) exchanges blows with Dustin Ortiz at Fight Night 32.
Tome (right) exchanges blows with Dustin Ortiz at Fight Night 32.
Alexandre Loureiro/UFC

Unfortunately when rumor of a fighter's release comes around it's more often the calm before the storm than a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing. Even the eventually incorrect rumors that Sam Sicilia had been released from the UFC held a hint of fact, as it turned out that a mis-communication between Shelby and Dana had in fact led to him losing a spot on the roster. Now it turns out that while initial reports were mixed, MMA Fighting has confirmed Jose Maria's release from the UFC. The spoke to his manager, Marcelo Brigadeiro:

"Now it's time to sit down and analyze other offers," Brigadeiro told "We'll see what he should have done to win (in the UFC) and move on. He has no date to fight again yet."


"I think that, despite not winning (in the UFC), he did what we expected to do as far as being aggressive, doing great fights," he said. "When you get to a promotion as big as the UFC, you're under pressure to deliver and sometimes you can't be more cautious, so you don't win.

"Jose Maria is a great athlete, he pleases the crowd and has done great during trainings at RFT. I can't say what went wrong, actually. Maybe it wasn't supposed to happen right now."

It's a tough spot for Tome to be in, in terms of his hopes of returning to the UFC. Given his age and years in the sport it's not likely that he'll work his way to a call back. Fortunately for him, there are a lot of big promotions that will give him an opportunity to make that happen if he's interested in pursuing it. Organizations like RFA, Titan FC, and WSOF have shown an eagerness to snap up former UFC fighters and give them a chance to rejuvinate their careers. The biggest question at this point may be, how easy will it be for him to find other flyweights to fight. It's not a division every promotion offers and many fighters who compete at 125 end up taking bouts at bantamweight or being regional journeymen. It's a tough row to hoe, especially for a fighter looking to bounce back quickly.