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Donald Cerrone on Knockout of the Night bonus: 'Like a fart in the wind, it's gone'

UFC lightweight Donald Cerrone stopped Adriano Martins with a head kick in the first round of UFC on Fox 10, earning Knockout of the Night, and that $50K is already spent

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

When the end came, it came abruptly and with much violence. It wasn't subtle in the least, and it left Adriano Martins unconscious before he hit the mat. The blow that put Martins down and out was a well-placed head kick from Donald Cerrone, earning him Knockout of the Night honors for the UFC on Fox 10 fight card.

Following Saturday's event, Cerrone was told that he was now the record holder for most Zuffa Fight Night Bonuses (13 between the WEC and UFC). Cerrone seemed unfazed by the news. The brief, "Yeah" he gave in response to that revelation seemed to indicate that while that record is nice, all those bonuses came in the past.

True, the 13th bonus was less than ten minutes in the past, but Cerrone seemed to be looking forward, "I want to set the record for most fights in a year, so if I can get six this year it'd be f---ing great."

Cerrone did not absorb a great deal of damage on Saturday, eating only 13 strikes during his 4:40 of work on Saturday night, and he has his eye set on fighting again in the very near future. Specifically, Cerrone said that he would like to fight on the Dallas or Baltimore pay-per-view cards. The Dallas event, UFC 171, will take place on March 15. The Baltimore card, UFC 172, is scheduled for April 26.

As for an opponent, Cerrone didn't name any names, but his comments seemed to be directed toward the No. 7 ranked lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov, a fighter whom UFC president Dana White is having a tough time finding an opponent. "So, there's fighters out there that say they can't get fights, hey man, I'm your guy," Cerrone offered.

The Knockout of the Night bonus was Cerrone's second consecutive Fight Night award. He took home Submission of the Night for his November 16 triangle choke victory over Evan Dunham. Much like that bonus and the 11 others that came before it, his 13th Fight Night bonus is already spent. As Cerrone said, "Like a fart in the wind, it's gone."

Cerrone has earned eight UFC Fight Night Bonuses in his 12 bouts with the promotion. Prior to that, he earned five Fight Night Bonuses during his 10 fight run in the WEC. Joe Lauzon and Anderson Silva each have 12 bonuses, with all of their awards coming with the UFC.

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