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UFC on Fox 10 results: Ben Henderson gets the nod in a split decision over Josh Thomson

After 25 minutes inside the Octagon, the former lightweight champion was able to pull off the split decision victory.

Photo via Esther Lin of MMA Fighting

In the main event of UFC on Fox 10, former lightweight champion Ben Henderson fought former Strikeforce contender Josh Thomson. In the week prior to the event, UFC president Dana White promised Thomson a title shot if he could pull off the upset. After five rounds inside the cage, Ben Henderson got the nod scoring a split decision win.

Thomson scored with a takedown early in round one. He immediately got back control with a body triangle locked in. Henderson worked to control the hands and avoid Thomson going for the rear naked choke. Henderson stood up with Thomson still holding his back in the body triangle. Thomson released the body triangle and entered the clinch with Benson pushing him against the cage. Henderson scored an inside trip, but got right back to his feet. Henderson a standing triangle until he fell to his back.

Henderson came out more measured in the second round. He worked his way inside and put Thomson's back against the cage within the first minute. Referee John McCarthy separated the fighters as the action stagnated. Thomson scored a takedown from a body lock and went right into back control with the body triangle again. Henderson returned to his feet, forcing Thomson to let go of the body lock and return to standing. Henderson came in with a clinch but couldn't hold it. They stayed even on the feet but the round ended with Benson holding Thomson against the fence.

Henderson attacked very early in the third round scoring a quick takedown. Joe Rogan says Thomson claimed broken hand between rounds. He was still able to get away from Henderson. The separation was short lived as Henderson came in for another clinch. Thomson caught Henderson coming in with a knee and grabbed a body lock. Henderson was able to separate and capitalized on thomson slipping to get on top for a second before the bell rang.

Thomson opened the first round with a takedown and move to half guard. Henderson was able to regain guard and move into mission control. Thomson escaped and caused a scramble with Henderson gaining top position. Benson was able to grab a belly-to-back body lock, but could do much with it before Thomson escaped. After a short time at striking range, Thomson scored another takedown into back control. Again Henderson returned to his feet, but Thomson held the body triangle and appealed to the crowd with cheers from the position as the round ended.

Both fighters looked a little hesitant on the feet through the first couple minutes of the final round. Thomson came in with a solid straight right. he then transitioned from a 1-2 into a leg kick that tripped Henderson. thomson caught a kick, lifted Benson's leg up and threw him back, then came in to grab the body lock from the back. Henderson reversed the position, taking control with over-unders. They separated before the final bell but not much action on the feet before it rang.

Ben Henderson edged out Josh Thomson in a split decision (48-47, 47-48, 49-46)

Henderson was returning to the Octagon for the first time since losing his belt to current champ Anthony Pettis at UFC 164. Thomson was coming off a big win over former contender Nate Diaz at UFC on Fox 7.

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