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Dana White on potential Super Bowl XLVIII shift to UFC 169 Saturday: 'Wow, wouldn't that be a f*cker?'

Dana White is well aware that the slim possibility of Super Bowl XLVIII being shifted from Sunday to Saturday would be a disaster for the UFC, which will hold UFC 169 that day.

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The NFL's decision to hold the Super Bowl in New York was met with some criticism when it as first made due to concerns over February weather. The Super Bowl is traditionally reserved for domed stadiums or stadiums in warmer climates, both for logistical reasons as well as an attempt to maintain some sort of neutrality.

Almost predictably, Super Bowl XLVIII is in danger of being moved from it's traditional Sunday slot to Saturday night if the weather takes a significant turn for the worse.

That could be a disaster for UFC 169, the UFC's traditional Super Bowl weekend card that is set for that night. Dana White acknowledged how bad this could be (via Fox Sports):

"I've been seeing that. I didn't know, I don't keep on that stuff, but I was getting some tweets from people saying, 'What are you going to do if the game gets moved to Saturday?'. Wow, wouldn't that be a f**ker?" UFC president Dana White commented on Thursday when speaking to FOX Sports. "Yeah that would hurt.

"If 120 million people are watching the Super Bowl on Saturday -- let's just hope that doesn't happen."

There is likely to be some snow that weekend, but it would take something massive to move the game according to the league (via USA Today):

The good news is Eric Grubman, the NFL's vice president for business operations, said if the kind of storm that dumped more than a foot of snow on most of New Jersey on Tuesday is forecasted for Super Bowl Sunday, the game would likely go off at its scheduled kickoff time of 6:30 p.m.

In other words, it would take an even bigger storm to alter the kickoff time for the first cold-weather Super Bowl played at an outdoor venue.

"What goes into whether deciding to (move) it, first of all, is public safety," Grubman said Wednesday in a news conference at MetLife Stadium, where thousands of workers removed snow from the bleachers and field. "Unless it was a state of emergency which affected public resources in a way that made it impossible to get the resources here, or any kind of declaration by any of the authorities from the states involved that made it difficult to travel safety to and from the stadium, we would absolutely respect that."

It would seem that this can currently be filed under "possible, but unlikely."

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