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Rampage Jackson changes story of 2008 car chase to an attempt to save a suicidal friend

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is now claiming that his infamous 2008 car chase was not a result of being delusional after not eating or sleeping for days, but was an attempt to save a friend's life.

Jon Kopaloff

Rampage Jackson is familiar with "traffic incidents." Maybe that's why he has come to the defense of Tito Ortiz in light of Ortiz's recent DUI.

In 2008, Jackson sped through the city, hitting cars, nearly hitting pedestrians and running from police. But during his defense of Ortiz, his story has changed considerably, as reported by MMA Junkie:

"All I was doing was getting to my friend because he really needed me," he today told MMAjunkie Radio. "My friend was going to commit suicide."

The flaw with that defense from Jackson is that he told quite a different story when the incident took place, as covered in the Junkie piece:

In August 2008, Jackson told the Orange County Register he hadn’t slept or eaten for days and believed he was fighting a spiritual war in his mind when, a month earlier, he led police on a chase from Newport Beach, Calif., to nearby Costa Mesa.

"What was I thinking?" he told the Register. "l know now that Brian was never in danger. "But I really thought at the time that he was about to die."

I'd think that, in the actual moments closest to the situation, it'd be a much better idea to be honest. So the idea of trying to actually save a friend sounds a lot better than just being delusional about saving a friend. So nothing really adds up here.

The article also covers the bogus lawsuit attempt from one of the people involved in the crash who claimed the accident caused her to miscarry. In Jackson's defense, that was found to be bogus, and an Orange County D.A. backs that up in the story.

But that hardly makes the rest of his behavior okay. Emergency responders are way more successful at actually getting to someone in crisis than you going on a rampage through the city.

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