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Bloody Elbow's 'MMA on Instagram' T-shirts Now on Sale!

Navigate that tricky MMA Instagram-osphere (whut) better with our new shirt which showcases one of Bloody Elbow's newest features, 'MMA on Instagram'.

The social media-sphere could be a hard thing to navigate. So whether you just don't want your personal life peanut butter mixed with your MMA chocolate online, or if you're just one of those cranky old dudes who always hated sites like The MySpace or Friendstar, BE has you covered for all your MMA social networking needs.

Anyway, instead of making more silly references, I'll just point you to our new shirt that features Katie Winter's weekly 'MMA on Instagram' shirts. Pick up one now from our newly revamped online store!


It's a great gift for any Mixed Martial Arts fan. As always, these shirts are guaranteed not to have any flamingskullsofdeathlydoom!

Key Features:
- 100% cotton
- Designed and approved by BE staff
- Preshrunk
- Lessens douchiness by 85.3%
- Double-needle sleeves and hem
- Taped neck and shoulders
- Increases chances of getting laid by 35%*
- Enhances your MMA viewing experience
- Great Christmas gift for everyone in the family
- It's a Bloody F***ing Elbow T-shirt, do I need to say more?

* - effectiveness may vary per user.

Interested in other simple BE shirts? What about features such as Matwork, Judo Chops, How's Taste My Tweet Tweet, and Dissections? Well what are you waiting for? Grab one, two, or even a bunch of shirts (to get a discount), and start showing off these threads from your favorite MMA website.