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Kaitlin Young receives huge cut from training and many stitches

Check out this incredibly graphic cut Kaitlin Young received during training.

Julie Kedzie recently posted a photo of a gigantic cut that opened up on WMMA veteran Kaitlin Young's forehead. The cut is not for the squeamish, but for those who dig scars, well, this ones for you. I'm sure Young just went up a few spots on a few peoples favorite fighter list.



Apparently it was from a knee of sorts and as she puts it "Just 3 internal stitches and 15 external."

And here's a blast from the past. I believe this was after she fought Gina Carano in EliteXC, but I could be wrong. Please correct me in the comments.


Kaitlin sure knows how to rock a battered face. She is on the 2nd three fight losing streak of her career, but his looking to return on the next Invicta card.

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