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XFC tries to steal WSOF's thunder, issues it's own co-promotional challenge

Looks like the WSOF has started a trend. Now it's the XFC, former home of Nick Newell, issuing a co-promotional challenge to Ray Sefo's MMA organization.

It's funny what a little perspective will do for an idea. One can hardly blame the WSOF for not realizing that their challenge of a co-promotional PPV to Bellator would basically open the door to every pistol packing punk in the west looking to climb the ladder of promotional relevance, but that was certainly the message sent. "Put together a fun fight card that is equal or better to what we can offer on our own, and we'll be interested." So it's hard to blame the XFC, who had a rather bitter separation from current WSOF figher Nick Newell, for issuing their own version of the challenge that Ali Abdel-Aziz issued to Bellator, via Facebook.


They've since pulled the post down, but honestly it's not a step down from what the WSOF has been putting together lately. Fighters like Scott Holtzman, Stephanie Eggink, and Luis Santos are pretty comparable with the current WSOF cast. WSOF has been adding some bigger names lately, but until they can regularly put together big cards they've left themselves open to callouts like this one. Maybe the MFC will be knocking on the doors of WSOF Canada soon.