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Ben Henderson on Josh Thomson's 'worst camp ever': 'That's life'

Ben Henderson doesn't feel sorry for Josh Thomson having his "worst camp ever" ahead of their UFC on Fox 10 main event.


Josh Thomson has been extremely vocal in the last week about his training camp for Saturday night's UFC on Fox 10 main event against Benson Henderson. According to Thomson this has been one of the worst camps he has ever had. Generally that's not a great thing to hear a fighter say ahead of a major bout, but the possibility remains that it's a bit of gamesmanship more than an honest admission of ill preparedness.

For his part, Henderson simply doesn't care about Thomson's camp issues (via Fox Sports):

"It just makes me think, ‘that’s life,’" he told FOX Sports during a recent interview. "That’s how it works out sometimes. I’ve had some of the worst camps in my life where things didn't go well lead into some great performances. I’ve had some training camps go very well and the fight go not so well. I don’t really think it’s that much of an indicator of how someone will perform once the lights are on and the cage door is locked."

Thomson and Henderson square off Saturday night and we'll have live coverage and reactions all night long.

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