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Rabbi training with Team Quest wins first amateur MMA bout

Rabbi Yossi Eilfort just won his first MMA bout six months after beginning his training under Sokoudjou at Team Quest.

A 12-year-veteran of Krav Maga training, 22-year-old Rabbi Yossi Eilfort joined up with the famous Team Quest camp six months ago and just won his first amateur MMA bout. He trains under UFC and Pride veteran Sokoudjou.

The Algemeiner has more:

His aim in entering the competition was to promote the importance of security and fitness in the Orthodox Jewish community, Eilfort told The Algemeiner. The rabbi said he had previously never hit anyone in his life.

Eilfort trained nearly every day while balancing his synagogue duties, Fox News reported. He even trained on Friday mornings, but had to forego a last round of preparation before his big match to observe the Shabbat.

The bout was at Mansion Fights, in a historic North Hollywood house, where he said his trainer joked about dubbing him "The Rabbi" on the fight bill. Ominously, Fox News said, before entering the octagon, he watched as a previous fighter was wheeled out on a gurney.

Here's a FB post from Mansion Fights: