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Edson Barboza issues challenge to top UFC lightweights

Add another name to the list of UFC lightweights who just can't seem to find that special someone to trade blows with.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know if it's something in the Xyience, but some fighters just can't seem to get out of the sights when it comes time for a callout. Of course there's Michael Bisping, who has practically become a Middleweight meme as the guy other guys want to fight on their way to a title shot. More and more Donald Cerrone and Nate Diaz are finding themselves in such a position at lightweight. They were two of the three fighters that Edson Barboza was looking at when he made his recent UFC callout via translator to MMAJunkie:

"I need the opportunity to fight against those guys," Barboza said. "I am ranked No. 11, so the only guys who are above me are the top 10. I need to fight those guys to get to my goal which is getting that belt. I earned that opportunity."


"I think those fights would be interesting because they are the best one in my division, and I feel I am part of the best ones as well," he said. "So, I know if I fight one of those names, it would be a great show for the fans who will be watching those fights."

Barboza also included Jim Miller in his list, which is probably the most likely of the three with Miller coming off an armbar victory over Fabricio Camoes at UFC 168. Nate Diaz has been MIA since beating Gray Maynard in November having turned down an opportunity to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov. And as for Donald Cerrone, he's already scheduled to fight the very dangerous dark horse, Adriano Martins, on the 25th of this month (although he's likely to want a quick turnaround, so who knows). What do you think? Does Edson Barboza vs. Jim Miller make sense? Should the UFC try and get him to fight Khabib? Will any of the top 15 lightweights ever fight each other?

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