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UFC 172: Glover Teixeira agrees Jon Jones beat Gustafsson, wants 1st round KO

The UFC's top Light Heavyweight contender plans to knock out the champ in the first round of their UFC 172 title bout.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

MMA Fighting's Guilherme Cruz spoke to Glover Teixeira about his upcoming UFC 172 title bout against Jon Jones:

"In a perfect world, I'll win via first-round knockout," Teixeira told "But I believe it's going to be a tough fight. Jon Jones is an excellent fighter, so I expect a tough bout. I will be ready for five rounds. I was ready to go five rounds against Bader and will be ready now, so we'll see who will leave the cage as the champion.

"I expected Gustafsson to have the advantage standing, but I expected Jones to be smart and take the fight to the ground," he said. "He was smart and he tried to (take Gustafsson down), but I didn't expected Gustafsson to defend the takedowns so well.

"When the fight was over, I thought Jon had won," he said, "and I re-watched it later and scored it to Jones again."

UFC 172 takes place on April 26, 2014 in Baltimore, Maryland and will air live on pay-per-view.

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