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UFC: imposter hacks Dana White's UG account, does an impromptu AMA

Someone hacked the UG account of UFC president, Dana White and treated UFC fans to an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on the Underground forum this morning. Here's a recap of the better parts of it.


UPDATE: We've been notified by the editors of the UG that this was NOT Dana White. They want us to pull this post down, but we don't roll with the memory hole. Kid Nate

In one of his trademark drop-ins on the Underground forum, Dana White treated UFC fans to an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. It was short, and I'll admit, it kind of irks me a tiny bit. White is arguably the most powerful man in MMA, so when he flies down from Mt. Zuffa to give the plebs some of his time, on a forum as large as the UG, one would think he would give more than 45 minutes of his time for the expected barrage of questions.

Rant complete, let's move on to the things he did address. I have compiled a list of the most important questions (not the ‘Hey Daner,'member me?' questions) for our readers. Here's the best parts of the shortest AMA ever:

Q: Why are you up at the ass crack of dawn?

DFW: I sleep 4 hours a night.

Q: When are you going to base jump from Mandalay like you said you would if UFC 100 got over 1 million buys?

DFW: Tell you what, if this gets 100,000 replies then ill jump.

Q: Need you to go yell at those lazy EA goofs..

DFW: No need, they are doing a fantastic job and it's a real pleasure to work with them.

Q: What would you rather have in the UFC, one Fedor or 10 Michael Bispings?

DFW: Bisping! Fedor sucks.

Q: Did you ever check out the game I made for the ufc 20th anniversary?

DFW: Hope you got a license for that audio and imagery. *Then later he replied again: ‘this was a joke :) *

Q: Dana any truth u might do a WW tourney? Do it!!!

DFW: No need we already got a title fight for WW.

Q: Are you still working to get the UFC into New York? If so, any idea on a timeline?

DFW: We are always working on New York.

Q: Will UFC ever come back to Ohio?

DFW: We go where the fans want us to go.

Q: What's going on between you and GSP?

DFW: He should be a man and call me.

Q: Is The Wire the greatest TV show ever?


Q: Why are you mad at GSP?

DFW: Do I look mad?

Q: Hey Dana, will you guys ever run a grappling show like you did at one of the UFC expos, and have guys from the UFC matched up against each other? IN ADDITION, if you could have any 2 guys in the UFC have a sub grappling match for your personal entertainment, who would it be?

DFW: Grappling match? i would go with Lesnar vs Frankie.

Q: Anyway you can get your vBlogs out more regularly and make it a show on fightpass so you can still keep control over the content?

DFW: I'll pump them out daily on the next one for you.

Q: Any chance to add a super-heavyweight division? I wanna see Brock fighting at his natural weight of 350 pounds.

DFW: With Kim Winslow as the ref :)?

Q: Who would win out of you and GSP in a boxing match?

DFW: Ask Tito.

Q: Any chance of getting access to full uncut and unedited older ppvs on fight pass? With fighter entrances and Bruce buffer's intros and Joe Rogan's interviews?

DFW: We are always upgrading fight pass. Every day thousands of new footage is being added to the archive.

DFW: Bye goofs maybe another time!

And just like that, 44 minutes after he was on the board, he was gone. I'd like to issue a challenge to Mr. White. I'd like him to do a Q&A here on Bloody Elbow. I think our readers/commenters are some of the smartest people in the sport. Let our Belitists ask the questions. I bet there won't be too many ‘Got some free tickets for me?' or ‘My jumblies are excite that your hear!' What say you Mr. President?

Edited to add my own questions that didn't get an opportunity for answer because time was wasted on silly questions about Twitter eggs and free tickets. My questions are as follows:

  • When the ref assignments are made for the big fights, which names do you dread seeing?
  • How long until we see some PPVs on Fight Pass, or is that just not in the cards?
  • Any thoughts at all on Kizer stepping away from the athletic commission?
  • Who do YOU think will be the breakout star from the women's 115 pound division?
  • With the recent death of Cat Zingano's husband, are you guys considering a counseling or outreach program that might be available to the fighters and their immediate family members (Not implying that the UFC should have a full on group policy for family members, just something to keep families intact, and help prevent sad situations like the Zingano's)
  • What was your knee jerk response to Cowboy Cerrone coming right out and saying he squandered all his money?
  • On the reverse side, what did you think of Franklin saying he couldn't possibly retire on what he'd made from his winnings?
  • Are financial education classes in the cards for your fighters?
  • Were you expecting any problems with FightPass when you rolled it out, or is the delivery of it the way it was intended (unfinished product in progress)?

UPDATE: Well, he came back and is currently answering questions. Of the ones above that are from me, he chose to answer 3 of them. They are as follows:

SD: When the ref assignments are made for the big fights, which names do you dread seeing?

DFW: Mazagatti

SD: Who do YOU think will be the breakout star from the women's 115 pound division?

DFW: Too soon to say

SD: Are financial education classes in the cards for your fighters?

DFW: We already show them this and taxes

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