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Agon Wrestling Championship III Coming January 26

On January 26, in Whitewater, Wisconsin, Agon Wrestling Championship Presents its third MMA-style card.

The third installment of Agon WC, "The Festival of Funk" (named because of the participation of both Askren brothers, who have a renowned "funky" style), will feature four wrestling matches under Agon's hybridized folkstyle/freestyle rules.

The card includes the following:

Ben Askren(2008 Olympian, two time NCAA D I champ, 4 time finalist) vs.  Michael Poeta(two time NCAA D I finalist, three time All American)

Max Askren(2016 Olympic hopeful, NCAA D I champ, three time All American) vs.  Ben Bennett (four time D I All American)

Craig Becker(NCAA champ) vs. John Mesenbrink

Luke Smith vs. Chris Heilman

This will mark the first time since high school either of the Askren brothers have wrestled in front of a fans in their home state of Wisconsin. Agon III originally was set to take place in Ithaca NY, but a match between Ben Askren and four-time NCAA champ and Cornell alumnus Kyle Dake was never finalized.

The event will be viewable via free internet video stream.