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MMA 3 Way: GSP vs the UFC, poor Rich Franklin, WSOF 8, as understood by Nate, Eugene & Dallas

Kid Nate, Eugene S. Robinson and Dallas Winston chew threw the biggest topics in MMA today including Dana White's feud with his ex-champ, Rich Franklin's money woes, WSOF 8 and UFN 35.

Your prayers have been answered.

Kid Nate, Eugene S. Robinson and Dallas Winston are all 3 together for a brand-new show: The MMA 3 Way.

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In our debut episode we kick things off right by delving deep into the Yoel Romero's soiled shorts situation. We then do a full look back at UFC Fight Night 35 and look ahead to tomorrow's WSOF 8.

Other topics addressed include:

  • Rich Franklin's finances and whether or not fighters should expect to retire on their MMA earnings.
  • The war of words between Georges St-Pierre and the UFC, as represented by both Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White.
  • The UFC champ who hired a porn star as his bodyguard
  • Whether bite mark analysis should be required if a fighter is accused of biting
  • Lots of jokes and off topic digressions about Nazis, Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva.