Fedor carries the Olympic torch


For those of us of the "PRIDE NEVER DIE" mindset, one key athlete probably sticks out more than all the others. Fedor Emelianenko is a name that carries several elements; legend, power, mystique and badassery. He's been the subject of more GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) discussions than any other athlete in mixed martial arts. Having been retired for the last couple years hasn't slowed down the conversation at all. Just a week or so ago, there were rumblings of a Fedor vs. Lesnar match, albeit they were unsubstantiated and proven to be false. The fact is, Fedor will always be someone we wish for when comeback fights are talked about. He'll always be someone we hold in the highest regard. Keeping that in mind, it's no surprise to discover that he's taken part in the current Winter Olympics. It's a small part, but one that his fan base can bear witness to. If you were like the majority of us, you didn't catch any video on this event, but there is a photo that's been making the rounds on Twitter, so we wanted to bring it to our readers.