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Dan Henderson says Vitor Belfort loses to Chris Weidman, especially without TRT in the U.S.

Hendo doesn't think that Belfort can beat Weidman if their bout is held in the United States, in large part because Vitor might not be able to get a TRT exemption.


Vitor Belfort's use of Testosterone Replacement Therapy might be the most controversial of anyone in the UFC. Belfort previously tested positive for anabolic steroids, so many have issues with him being able to use what they view as "legal steroids" to up his performance. Belfort has been on a tear as of late, though. And that has him in position to challenge Chris Weidman for the UFC's middleweight title.

The legendary Dan Henderson is one of TRT's MMA pioneers and he thinks that Belfort loses the Weidman fight, especially if the fight is in the United States, where Vitor may well not be granted an exemption for TRT usage. He explained to the MMA Hour yesterday (transcription via MMA Mania):

No (he doesn't beat Weidman). Vitor is very capable of beating anybody in those first few minutes of the fight because he is dangerous and he hits hard. But, I don't see it happening, especially if the fight is in the U.S. I don't know, I'm not going to point fingers and say things I have no idea about. Obviously he won't be able to use TRT here. I just feel his body has definitely changed a little bit in the last couple of years since he hasn't been fighting here. There's reasons for that. He's been fighting a long time and we've seen his body change a couple of different times. It is what it is. At the same time, I have no idea, he could be doing everything right by the book and the way he should. Which is what he should have done years ago, as well.

It does seem that the UFC's plan is to hold the fight in Las Vegas, which means the idea that Nevada wouldn't give Vitor an exemption will actually be put to the test. Making things more interesting is the fact that Keith Kizer, the man who said he didn't think they'd grant him an exemption is stepping down from his role as NSAC executive director.The decision isn't up to the director, but influence obviously plays a part in things.

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