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UFC Fight Night 35 Rockhold vs Philippou: Dana White post-fight media scrum

UFC president Dana White answered questions from the assembled media in Duluth, Georgia last night following UFC Fight Night 35: Rockhold vs. Philippou.

Here's what Dana had to say:

* You're insane if you don't think Duane Ludwig is the coach of the year

* Ric Flair - Dana's first time meeting him, Flair's a UFC fan

* Timing of Chris Weidman's title defense against Vitor Belfort will depend on Dr's decision

* Dominic Cruz' injury -- not for the best. White couldn't feel more sorry for a guy. "Kat Zingano and Cruz are neck and neck for bad luck"

* Frank Mir got hit by a friggin car and wasn't out as long as Cruz has been

* If Barao stops Faber he's probably the P4P best in the world

* IF Faber wins it'll be the biggest win of his career in every sense of the word, even if he loses, look at the year Faber has had

* Luke Rockhold is right in the mix at MW

* UFC Fight Pass is awesome and it's doing very well, we're continuing to add content

* On the WWE online network -- you'll see more leagues doing this

* Dana says they've been planning UFC Fight Pass for 13 years, timing had nothing to do with the WWE product launch

* Talks about cable companies threatening to drop WWE from their PPV networks

* "Vince is a trailblazer"

* On Brock Lesnar: "You never know. How am I coy? Me and Brock talk. Brock says he has some regrets since he wasn't healthy. A Brock Lesnar who was 100% could have done better.

* Dana's response to Brock: "You're out of your f**king mind."

* Brock was fighting at 40%

* Dana knew that UFC 168 would be big and "it was the biggest one ever in some ways."

* What if the Super Bowl is moved to Saturday due to weather? "There's no way in hell. They don't give a shit if it's snowing rocks. They'll play on Sunday."

* Dana wants to watch the Patriots play in the Super Bowl

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