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UFC Fight Night 35 results: Brad Tavares outworks Lorenz Larkin for a unanimous decision victory

Tavares stayed more active than Larkin over their 15 minute bout. His transition between phases of the game allowed him to outpoint Larkin and earn the decision.

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

The co-main event of UFC Fight Night 35 featured a middleweight fight between Lorenz Larkin and Brad Tavares. Over the three round fight, Tavares mixed up his striking and clinch game to throw off Larkin's counter-striking style. Larkin was never able to find his rhythm and gave up the unanimous decision.

Slow start to the first round as Larkin stayed just outside Tavares' reavh. They exchanged low kicks and a couple punches with neither fighter really taking the lead in the first half of the round. After a quick jab, Larkin catches Tavares with a powerful uppercut. Tavares responded with a solid straight right of his own. Tavares ducked under a right hook to clinch Larkin's back and score a takedown in the closing minute of the round.

Larkin counters with a quick combination early in the second round. Tavares landing consistently with low kicks and single strikes. Tavares tied Larkin up in the clinch and scored a takedown right into back control. Tavares used heel strikes to larkin's thigh while trying to find the rear naked choke. Larkin spun out into Tavares' guard only to find himself defending an armbar as the round came to a close.

Tavares opened the final rounds with a couple quick simple combos to land while avoiding counters from Larkin. Larkin showed a little more aggression, but still struggled to overcome Tavares activity. Superman punch off the cage from Tavares missed. Tavares worked a double leg against the cage. Larkin countered with elbows to the head a la Travis Browne. Final bell rings with Tavares still looking for the takedown.

Brad Tavares scores the unanimous decision (29-28) over Lorenz Larkin.

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