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UFC Fight Night 35 results: T.J. Dillashaw outclasses Mike Easton for unanimous decision win

Over their three fight the Team Alpha Male product proved that Easton just could not compete at his level. He couldn't get the finish but Dillashaw made it clear he's the better fighter.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Bantamweights T.J. Dillashaw and Mike Easton met in the Octagon at UFC Fight Night 35 out of Duluth, GA. From the opening bell, Dillashaw showed he was a step above Easton. He outworked him standing and in the clinch. He also scored a couple takedown and punished him on the mat to earn the unanimous decision victory.

Dillashaw came out working his jab and low kicks against Easton. Easton sent him off balance with a kick to the body before T.J. came in to score a takedown. Easton pushed him off, but Dillashaw landed a flurry as he returned to his feet. Dillashaw landed better in the standing exchanges.

Dillashaw got right back to work in the second round with an early takedown. He established half guard and began blasting easton with short blows to the head. Easton managed to regain his feet but ate a flurry in the process. Big kick from Dillashaw landed right on the jaw of Easton, but he was able to take the blow. Dillashaw controlled the round using the clinch to punish Easton against the cage.

Dillashaw outlanded Easton on the feet to start out the final round. Easton rushed in trying to land the big overhand right, but ate a quick combo for his effort. Dillashaw slowed the pace of the round staying on the outside and picking his shots. Easton couldn't find his range or timing and gave up the decision.

T.J. Dillashaw beat Mike Easton by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

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