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UFC Fight Night 35 results: Nijem, Silverio, Smith, and Smolka win on the FS1 prelims

Take a look at how the four televised preliminary fights went down in Duluth, GA.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Four fights on Fox Sports 1 finished the preliminary card for UFC Fight Night 35. Despite all of them going to decision, the preliminary fights delivered strongly in action. In the feature bout, Ramsey Nijem outclassed fellow TUF veteran Justin Edwards for a unanimous decision.

Ramsey Nijem vs. Justin Edwards

Contested almost entirely on the feet, the two lightweights went back and forth through the first round. Nijem got the edge by landing consistently from the outside while avoiding being lured into a brawl by Edwards. An early trip in the second round from Nijem led to him defending an arm-in guillotine from Edwards. Back on their feet, Nijem hit a trip on Edwards. He followed up with a knee that rocked Edwards as he returned to his feet. A quick flurry before another trip and Nijem took back control. Edwards was able to survive to the end of the round. Nijem hit a couple takedowns in the final round and opened up a cut under Edwards' left eye with ground and pound. On the feet Edwards was a step behind and ate more than he delivered.

Ramsey Nijem beat Justin Edwards by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

Isaac Vallie-Flagg vs. Elias Silverio

Lightweight Isaac Vallie-Flagg tried to pressure Silverio early, but ended up paying the price for his aggressive style. Silverio ducked under punches and put him on his back. Vallie-flagg returned to his feet only to get dropped with a counter left hook by Silverio. Vallie-Flagg recovered, but took a lot of damage before ending the round on his feet. Silverio was controlling the second round on the mat before an illegal knee stopped the action. The referee took a point from Silverio for the infraction, though the blow looked to have hit the chest in the replay. After a couple exchanges on the feet, Silverio got the takedown and worked Vallie-Flagg from half-mount. Silverio showed a lot more agression in the final round as he overwhelmed Vallie-Flagg before hitting a takedown. IVF tried to scrambled out, but gave up back mount in the process. He recovered half guard for some time, but Silverio was able to move into mount. He ended the round in dominant position to take the unanimous decision.

Elias Silverio took the unanimous decision (29-27 x 3) over Isaac Vallie-Flagg.

Trevor Smith vs. Brian Houston

Smith took control of the first round by forcing the ground game. Houston wasn't an easy middleweight for him to keep on the mat, but he eventually established position and ended the round in dominant position. Houston recovered in the second round, however. He sprawled heavily on all of Smith's takedown attempts and punished him on the feet. He opened up a big cut on Smith's forehead. Houston was able to keep the fight standing again in the final round, but Smith landed more on the feet.

Trevor Smith took the split decision (29-28 x 2, 28-29) over Brian Houston

Alptekin Ozkilic vs. Louis Smolka

Ozkilic looked for the takedown from the opening bell of the flyweight fight. He got the first takedown early but his inability to keep Smolka on the mat would be the story of the fight. He rocked Smolka with a couple big punches  to take the first round, but couldn't overcome his opponent's sharp, accurate striking. Ozkilic was visibly tired after taking a series of knees to the body in the second round and Smolka took over the fight. He landed solid straight punches throughout the final two rounds to take the unanimous decision.

Louis Smolka defeats Alptekin Ozkilic by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)