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Kid Nate's MMA Bunker: Georges St-Pierre vs. the UFC

Ex-champ Georges St-Pierre has set the MMA world afire with a string of venomous comments about the UFC. From the dingy darkness of the MMA Bunker, Bloody Elbow's Kid Nate offers his take on the drama.

Heralded Canadian welterweight Georges St-Pierre, now an ex-champion, caught everyone by surprise when he launched a broadside against the UFC yesterday. St-Pierre deemed the North American MMA powerhouse "a monopoly" and cited "lack of support" as a partial driver for his unexpected hiatus, which came on the heels of his controversial decision win over top UFC welterweight contender Johny Hendricks.

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Bloody Elbow's Kid Nate turns on his cam in the MMA Bunker and explains what it all means, and touches on:

1) GSP's criticisms of the UFC's PED policies and actions are potentially explosive and will draw mainstream media attention from unfriendly outfits (Oh hai ESPN and the New York Times)

2) GSP uses the monopoly word. Oh hai Federal Trade Commission, even though technically what they have is a "Monopsony."

3) Will the UFC unleash Dana White on GSP or will Lorenzo Fertitta continue to try to put a damper on things?

The following is video footage from the UFC 167 post-fight press conference that captures Dana White's harsh POV (overly harsh, or dead on?) regarding the Nevada State Athletic Commission and their judges' decision for GSP over Hendricks in the main event: