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Alleged survivor in Team Lloyd Irvin rape case files civil suit with all but two criminal charges having been dismissed

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Nicholas Schultz and Matthew Maldonado are now to be the defendants in a civil suit filed by the alleged survivor of the rape case that rocked Team Lloyd Irvin last year.

Brad Shorr via Wikimedia Commons

The alleged survivor in the rape case that rocked Team Lloyd Irvin in 2013 has filed a civil suit against Matthew Maldonado, Nicholas Schultz, Penn Parking, inc (owners of the parking garage where the incident took place) and Michael Romeo Group LLC (the nightclub where the parties were drinking prior to the incident). The lawsuit was filed on December 30, 2013.

The suit comes with almost all of the charges in the criminal case having been dismissed. All charges against Maldonado have been dropped, but there are two misdemeanor sexual abuse charges outstanding for Schultz. In D.C. misdemeanor sex abuse charges would not land him on the sex offender registry unless that were part of a plea deal.

It would seem that "Jane Doe's" intention with the lawsuit is to hold what she feels to be guilty parties responsible. The nightclub suit likely has to do with her feeling she was overserved and put into a dangerous situation, but that's speculation on my part. A lawsuit against the parking lot owners likely has to do with what the she feels were lighting and security failures. And the suits against Schultz and Maldonado are for obvious reasons.

There aren't a ton of details as of yet, but as they become available, we will do our best to bring them to you.

The lawsuit also ensures that the situation stays in the news. Team Lloyd Irvin has been dealing with many PR blows over the last year between this case, the resurfacing of a 1989 case where Lloyd Irvin was present at a gang rape but acquitted based on testimony that he wanted to participate in what he claimed was a consensual situation but couldn't achieve an erection, well over a million dollars in tax liens against Irvin, who claims to be able to train people to become millionaires, news that TLI standout DJ Jackson was accused of rape but pled the charges down, and more allegations of improper sexual behavior by Irvin.

You can read the entire saga in our story stream.