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Listen to the audio from the 911 call made from Joe Torrez's home

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Here is the 911 audio from the home invasion of MMA fighter Joe Torrez that resulted in the death of one of his attackers and a string of arrests.

Warning: The audio clip above contains graphic and disturbing content.

TMZ Sports has acquired the audio from the 911 call made by a woman at the home of Joe Torrez. Torrez and his family were attacked by four intruders in what is suspected to have been a gang related incident. Torrez, a professional lightweight fighter was able to hold off the attackers, killing one of them in the process. Here is a brief summary of the call via TMZ Sports:

The call was made by a woman in Joe's home -- and she tells the dispatcher a "car full of people" arrived to their New Mexico house on January 1 with violent intentions.

The caller says the intruders were breaking windows and attacking Joe while children were hiding in a back room.

The caller says one of the invaders was trying to attack Joe with a knife.

After Joe fought off the intruders, the caller tells the dispatcher, "There's a guy in here laying on the floor ... he's an enemy obviously ... he's laying on the floor."

Currently Torrez is preparing his legal defense in the home invasion case. He has yet to be charged with a crime, but has not been cleared of charges either. His defense attorney has advised him to stop speaking with officers at this time.