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Ed Soares calls Weidman's two wins over Silva 'controversial,' says he believes Silva will return

Ed Soares contributes to the "Chris Weidman didn't really beat Anderson Silva" narrative while saying he believes the UFC great will return to the cage after his traumatic leg injury.

Ethan Miller

Many MMA fans and media members thought that Anderson Silva's career came to an end when his leg snapped in half while throwing a leg kick at Chris Weidman at UFC 168. But the weeks since the fight have seen much talk that Silva would be back in the cage once he finalized his recovery.

That recovery seems to be going quite well with it being said that Silva will be off crutches in about thirty days, a quick turnaround from a complete leg break.

Ed Soares told Sherdog Radio Network's "Beatdown" that he believes Silva will return:

"I believe he’ll make a 100-percent recovery and I believe he’ll be back, but right now the main thing is just making sure he’s OK," Soares told the Sherdog Radio Network’s "Beatdown" show. "I do believe he’ll be back. We’ll just have to see when and how the recovery is coming along."

Soares also said that he thinks there are good options for Silva upon his return, including Georges St. Pierre, Michael Bisping and...Chris Weidman. Soares is the latest to contribute to the "both of Weidman's wins were controversial" nonsense.

The first fight between Silva and Weidman was decisive. Silva fought Weidman as he'd fought most opponents for several years and got knocked out. There's no controversy when a fighter does what he always does and gets slept doing it. The second fight had a fluke injury ending, but not until after Silva was dominated by Weidman for the opening frame. If you want to call the second fight "controversial" it could be discussed, but the first fight was a clear cut victory for the new champ.

This narrative continuing is damaging the UFC's ability to sell Weidman as the kind of force and champion that he is and folks shouldn't be as willing as they are to go along with it.