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Big John McCarthy celebrates Keith Kizer's decision to leave the NSAC

Legendary UFC ref Big John McCarthy took to Twitter to celebrate the departure of NSAC executive director Keith Kizer, his longtime nemesis. Will Kizer's departure re-open the Octagon doors to Big John in Nevada?

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News broke last night that Keith Kizer will no longer be the Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director, opting for a position in the Attorney General's office instead. Famed referee "Big" John McCarthy hasn't refereed an MMA event in Nevada since 2007, and his longstanding grudge with Kizer elicited this simple response through Twitter:

If you're not hip and up to date on the chatspeak lingo, I suggest a quick look at this.

McCarthy last applied for a license in 2009 after his 2007 retirement and brief, subsequent work in broadcasting (for Affliction). The application was rejected by Kizer, citing no need for additional referees at the time. Big John has been critical of Kizer and the NSAC several times in the past. As recently as last September, following CJ Ross' inexplicable 114-114 scorecard for Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Canelo Alvarez, McCarthy said Kizer "does not know combative sports" and had no interest in reffing any fights in Nevada if Kizer was still in charge.

Kizer is out of the picture now, although that isn't necessarily the sole barrier separating McCarthy from returning to Nevada. It still does change the scenery for McCarthy does want back in, and time will tell whether the end of Kizer's reign is a stepping stone towards seeing him back in a UFC cage for big Las Vegas pay-per-views.

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