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UFC: Ronda Rousey: Matt Who?

Women's bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey issues her first comment with Bloody Elbow regarding Matt Brown's sexist comments.

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Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

When the UFC signed their deal with FOX, it became paramount to put forth a certain image, and being sexist and intolerant has no place on that image. The fighter code of conduct policy has seen fines, suspensions and public apologies issued. Knowing that this conduct policy is in place and actually recognizing it are two different things, though.

In the most recent public faux pas, Welterweight contender, Matt Brown is the latest to cross the line with some comments he made regarding the UFC's female division. During the pilot episode of his Legit Man Shit (Yes, that is the real name of the show) podcast, Brown expressed that if he were going to pay $60 for fight cards that featured women, then they needed to be topless.

He went on to make a few other cringe worthy comments towards women, and has caused quite a stir among media, fans and the folks over at FOX. After two days of a roiling storm of backlash, the episode has since been pulled from the website, and an apology was issued.

Now, comments from several notable females in the sport have been made via social media. Invicta FC president Shannon Knapp and Olympic medalist, Sara McMann being among those speaking out on the issue. I reached out to women's Bantamweight champion and Olympic medalist, Ronda Rousey for a comment on the situation via text, and her reply was short and to the point:

Wait.... Who's Matt Brown?

Rousey has long been a champion for the female athletic sector and is hailed as the usher of women into the UFC. She is currently on a press tour with several other fighters, to promote her upcoming fight with McMann.

You can follow Ronda via her Twitter account, @RondaRousey

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