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WMMA 2013 Statistics: Fights per weight class, number of finishes and more

Come find out the statistics of the "ever-evolving" WMMA scene in 2013 including the scarce amount of knockouts that supports Matt Brown's assertion.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

Read this please: Note this is mostly a response to the people in this post that would bring up gifs of the FEW women's knockouts, basically to say "Look a women knocking out another women. Matt Brown is wrong!"

For UFC, Strikeforce, Invicta & Bellator WMMA Statistics click here

No, no I'm not talking about women fighting topless. We all know that's absurd.

Over at one of the best places for FULL women's mixed-martial arts coverage (Wombat Sports), they have released an article of statistics for WMMA. How many fights took place, and in which weight class. Most common finishes, finish rate, etc. The amount of knockouts also adds some support to Matt Brown's recent comments "How many knockouts do you see in women's fights? It's not really my thing, I respect what they do, but look, they don't have the body type or the power, all that s**t, for knockouts."

WMMA Statistics:

    Knockouts and Knockdowns
  • Sorry, WMMA fans that are pissed off at Matt Brown's comments, but he was right that women (at least as of today) are not built for knockouts.
  • Knockouts: Of the 415 fights only 22 of them were reported as a "KO". That's about 5%.
  • Now, I don't have the stats for knockouts with hands or knockdowns of all 415 WMMA bouts this year, but ZERO knockdowns occurred/were recorded in the UFC
  • EDIT: Clearly Andrade knocked Sexton down once in the fight, proving Fight Metric does have its flaws... AND now knockdown statistics are available
  • o, I count 8 knockdowns in 45 Invicta fights this year, which is about 17%.
  • UFC women + Invicta = 9 knockdowns in 60 fights... 10 knockdowns if you count Zingano/Tate (Fight Metric does not)
  • On the other hand if I look at male fights only from the past 10 UFC events using Fight Metric stats for knockdowns it's clear the knockdown rate is much greater
  • In 10 events and 116 fights (Lim vs. Saffiedine to Cain vs. JDS 3) there were 64 knockdowns recorded by Fight Metric. That is an astounding 55%.
  • *Note - I did not credit Bobby Green for his knockdown of James Krause.
  • I'm not trying to give WMMA a bad rep all. MMA isn't only about knockouts, but to discredit Matt Brown with gifs of the 10 or so knockouts that are in gif form this year is ridiculous.
Matt Brown asked "How many knockouts do you see in women's fights?" I'm gonna answer how many knockdowns do you see in women's fights. Using the two best promotions at the moment for the best women in MMA, I can say with confidence, "As of today, you don't see to many knockdowns in women's fight. And it isn't completely unreasonable to correlate knockdowns to knockouts."

TKOs and Submissions
  • Technical Knockouts: 97 TKO's
  • UPDATED: WombatSports has responded via Twitter on the submissions
  • 145 decisions, 144 submissions, 97 TKOs, 22 knockouts, two no contests
Number of Fights
  • 415 professional fights this year. 130 more than 2012.
  • Invicta had the most with 45, and DEEP JEWELS (includes DEEP and JEWELS before they merged) with 30
  • UFC didn't start running fights until February, but 15 fights is still pretty low in my opinion. Things will definitely pick up with the strawweights coming in and the UFC sort of approving this "trial run", aka "Ronda Rousey experiment is successful"
  • Cage Warriors had 10, but really began putting on women fights later in the year. Look for double, maybe triple that next year.
  • A pretty telling sign of the growth of WMMA is that 181 fighters made their pro debut this year.
Fights per Weight Class

And if you want a few more stats that I didn't include make sure you check the full article that I linked at the top


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