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Breaking Down the Big One: Mayweather vs. Alvarez full fight video and analysis of Canelo Alvarez vs. Austin Trout

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Get ready for the big Mayweather vs. Alvarez PPV this Saturday with a full fight video and breakdown of Canelo Alvarez vs. Austin Trout. What does Canelo do wrong here that may lead to his undoing Saturday night? Read on and find out.

This Saturday September 14, Showtime Boxing PPV presents the big one: Floyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez. The Mayweather vs. Alvarez PPV takes place Saturday September 14 live on PPV. Bloody Elbow will have fight coverage all week and live fight night coverage Saturday night.

Join us all this week as we get ready for the big PPV by taking a look at past fights from Mayweather and Canelo along with Danny Garcia and Lucas Matthysse to see what we can learn and maybe what to expect Saturday night.

April 20, 2013

Here is Canelo's most recent fight as he took on the undefeated Austin Trout in April. This fight was mainly notable for the massive live crowd Canelo drew, and for the open scoring system and the way many felt it negatively impacted the fight. Neither of which has much of an impact on the Mayweather fight.

What does have an impact is the success Trout had against Canelo, and he had a lot of it. This fight is one of those situations similar to Glover Teixeira vs. Ryan Bader where one man wins against a skilled opponent, but comes out with more question marks than when he stepped in.

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For Canelo, the questions Trout raises are mainly visible in the early rounds. Early in the fight, Trout aggressively uses a jab to neutralize Canelo's offense. He consistently gets off first, showing that he is the faster fighter, and at first, this effectively shuts down the offense-minded Canelo. It also befuddles him at times as Canelo begins lunging in from far outside, getting off balance in his attempts to get through that jab. There's a particularly troubling moment in round 3 where Canelo swings wildly, Trout dodges, and Canelo nearly falls over.

Sequences like that one bode very poorly for Canelo's chances against Mayweather. Mayweather is faster than Trout, with significantly greater hand speed. He has the ability to get in his shots first against the slower Canelo in the same way Trout did, and he clearly has the ability to dodge Canelo's shots and potentially make the Mexican fighter like amateurish in the process.

As the Trout fight continues, there are clear improvements on Canelo's side. He begins timing the punches better and increases his offensive output. At the same time, he shows improved head movement, nicely slipping Trout's shots later in the fight. On the negative side, he also seems to slow down quite a bit in the middle rounds, which will be deadly against Mayweather.

In short, Trout does a lot right here against Canelo, and all that he does right are tools in the Mayweather toolbelt - except Floyd uses those tools even better. Where the Lopez fight showed Canelo's path to victory, this one shows a clear path to defeat.

Watch the full fight video of Canelo vs. Trout now, and be sure to join us Saturday night for Mayweather vs. Alvarez live fight night coverage, right here at Bloody Elbow.

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