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Report: Johny Hendricks has yet to file VADA paperwork

The VADA drug testing agency reports that Hendricks has yet to file the paperwork to comply with pre-fight drug screenings.


Despite publicly accepting Georges St. Pierre's offer to participate in VADA and despite not having to pay for it himself, TVASports in Canada reports that Hendricks has yet to formally submit his paperwork to undergo VADA testing. With the fight a little over two months away, the window is closing for meaningful tests. VADA asks for an eight week window to test participants leading up to an event, so if he doesn't apply by September 22 he may be considered ineligible to participate.

Unfortunately, if Hendricks bails on the process altogether, this could put a real damper on MMA anti-doping efforts in general. Dana White's recent statements have made it pretty clear that he's not a real fan of the idea, and that he thinks that GSP is "a little weird" for wanting to go through it. I doubt that they would pull Hendricks from the fight if he eventually decided not to take part in the VADA testing process at all. It's a question that has to be considered as the sport looks to expand and attract more and better athletes: Is there any real desire, in house, for better testing?

Also mentioned in the TVA report, was the size of the bill that GSP has offered to foot. The price of a clean record comes in at around $20,000. Apparently that's the bill for GSP and Hendricks combined, maybe Georges will save a little money if he goes it alone. Either way it's a lot to pay, especially if the whole thing never really gets off the ground.

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