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UFC Fight Night 28 results: Kevin Souza broke his hand in the first round against Arantes

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Edimilson "Kevin" Souza turned in a strong performance against Felipe Arantes on Fight Night 28. Even more impressive, he did it with a busted mitt.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

In an otherwise dull undercard, former Jungle Fight featherweight champion Edimilson "Kevin" Souza provided one of the more entertaining performances in a 3 round battle with former TUF Brazil contestant Felipe Arantes. Edimilson Souza, a box-first fighter managed to keep Arantes on the outside for much of the fight, where he picked him apart with body shots and superior footwork and head movement. It was an impressive performance, if not quite entirely dominant, for a debuting fighter against a strong 145er like Arantes. Now, however, you can count me among the thoroughly impressed as Combate reports that Souza broke his hand early in the first round.

Souza told reporters that he clipped Arantes on the elbow with his right hand and knew it was broken. He told his corner man, Thiago Tavares, after the first, "Dude, I broke my hand. It's burning a lot." Reportedly Tavares told him to squeeze tighter and hit harder. I'm sure, knowing this now, I could look back and see some small difference in his boxing after the first round, but I certainly didn't notice it watching the event on TV. When not struggling to get up off his back Souza seemed to be in complete control of the striking exchanges.

Souza expressed some dispair in his performance against Arantes for his own lack of take down defense and the holes that Arantes opened up in his game. Hopefully he's not too injured as he appears to be a very decent prospect in the 145 lb division and given his combination of size and fluidity on the feet could have a very good run ahead of him. Check back for more updates, fight announcements, and post event news all week on Bloody Elbow.

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