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UFC Fight Night 28 results: Ali Bagautinov knocks out Marcos Vinicius late

In the opening main card fight of UFC Fight Night 28, Ali Bagautinov knocked out Marcos Vinicius late in the third round.

He started well and closed well, and did enough in between. Russian combat sambo fighter Ali Bagautinov had some hype coming into his UFC flyweight debut fight against Marcos Vinicius at UFC Fight Night 28, and he delivered early with a big knockdown that almost ended the fight. Vina fought back though, and the fight was largely uneventful until late in the third when Ali did it again. This time, Vina didn't get up. The finish came at 3:28 of the final stanza.

Bagautinov was walking Vina down but it took almost a minute for the two men to engage. After some clinch work, Bagautinov scooped a single and hurt Vinicius was a punch. He attacked the Brazilian fighter on the ground and eventually grabbled a guillotine. Vina slipped out and took Ali's back. He alternated between looking for a choke and softening him up for a while. Vina got up late, but got slammed back down at the horn.

The early part of the second was a staring contest other than a couple of minor exchanges. Bagautinov caught a knee and went for a takedown. Ali didn't really do much on top and Vina returned to his feet with under two minutes left in the round. Neither man took over late, but Bagautinov landed the better strikes and got a takedown right at the end.

Not much happened for the first two minutes of round three until they finally clinched up. And then not much happened there either. The ref separated them with two minutes to go. Then out of nowhere, one big right to the chin dropped Vina. Bagautinov pounded him out with a few more strikes.