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Asian MMA Update: ONE FC adds 2 more bouts to Singapore event, Aoki targets FW debut, RUFF 10 Fight Videos

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On the latest Asian MMA Update, ONE FC 11 has added 2 more fights to cater to the local audience in Singapore, Aoki targets FW debut, Evolve MMA plans expansion, plus fight videos from RUFF 10 where you can see the top Chinese fighters in action.

Photo by Anton Tabuena

In case you missed yesterday's edition of the Asian MMA Update, you can catch it here: Asian MMA Update: UFC heading to Singapore and Philippines, TUF: China, Fukuda and Tamura to Road FC. There's a few more interesting bits coming out of the region's MMA scene, so lets get right to it.



Following ONE FC 10 in Jakarta later this month, ONE Fighting Championship will return to their home-base of Singapore on October 18. Their 11th show will be headlined by the title unification bout between current bantamweight champion Soo Chul Kim, and interim champ Bibiano Fernandes, and co-headlining this card is a lightweight bout between two talented prospects Eddie Ng and Peter Davis.

Today, two more bouts have been added to the card which caters to the local audience. Singaporeans Juan Wen Jie and Stephen Langdown will take on Malaysians Alex Lim and Mark Marcellinus respectively in match ups that play up the rivalries between the two neighboring countries.

These bouts are likely to be part of the preliminary card which will be streamed live and free here on

Among the bigger news that are possible for the card is Shinya Aoki, who will soon be leaving Japan and moving to Singapore full-time, possibly making his featherweight debut on this card. In an interview with his head coach on Fox Sports, Chatri Sityodtong says he's negotiating with Victor Cui to put him on ONE FC 11:

"Shinya wants to drop to featherweight and I want to see that too because I think he is going to be amazing there - look how big he already is and the size advantage he will have. I really hope that Shinya's next fight is going to be at featherweight. We are still pushing Victor to put Shinya on the card for October 18. You can never know what can happen."

If this indeed pushes through, it would make this a massive card with their top two fighters in Aoki and Bibiano both on the line up.

Check out the current fight card so far:

ONE FC: Total Domination
October 18, 2013 -- Singapore

- Bibiano Fernandes vs. Soo Chul Kim [BW Title Unification]
- Eddie Ng vs. Peter Davis
- Tatsuya Mizuno vs. Rafael Silva
- Sherilyn Lim vs. Ann Osman
- Juan Wen Jie vs. Alex Lim
- Stephen Langdown vs. Mark Marcellinus
- Shinya Aoki ?



Speaking of Evolve MMA, they have already established themselves as the best gym in Asia with world class facilities and an insanely deep roster of world champion coaches from every discipline. They've recently announced that they're expanding again, and will be opening up more gyms in new locations in the country. Why should MMA fans outside of Singapore be interested in this piece of news? Well because of this note on the end of their announcement: "To that end, several more World Champions will also be joining the legendary Evolve Instructor Team as well as the Evolve Fight Team."

Sityodtong also teased this on the Fox Sports interview saying "You're definitely going to see some other Japanese superstars moving to Singapore to join the Evolve fight team as well."

There's been mumblings of high profile new signings for them in the past such as Tatsuya Kawajiri and Satoru Kitaoka, but whoever they end up choosing, it will be interesting if these new recruits will be able to make an immediate impact in the MMA landscape outside of Japan.




China's top promotion, Ranik Ultimate Fighting Federation or RUFF hosted their 10th event late last month, and today they have uploaded footage of the bouts on their Youku account. Hong Kong-based BJJ Champ Rodrigo Corporal, along with top Chinese fighters Wang Guan, Zhang Mei Xuan, who both train at the Xian Sports University with Vaughn Anderson all defended their titles successfully for the first time.

First off check out footage of Wang Guan's defense against Sandro da Silva. This hard hitting knock out artist is currently being touted as one of the best fighters out of China, and on his first defense, the country's top featherweight fought off a game opponent before eventually knocking him out cold:

His teammate, Zhang Mei Xuan also claimed a quality victory, displaying his unorthodox Sanda striking in an entertaining striking battle before eventually securing a guillotine choke to defeat Zhao Ya Fei:

Rodrigo Caporal was also successful with his defense. You can watch the BJJ champ out point Rasul Khairulaev here.

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