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Dana White comments on the Wanderlei Silva/Chael Sonnen situation

On a press tour in Brazil, UFC president Dana White shared his opinion on the recent altercation between Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen.

Two of the UFC's most popular fighters, Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen, re-ignited their rival recently with an altercation at the Olympia Expo. Silva followed that up with a video he posted online. Yesterday in Brazil, UFC president Dana White was asked about the incident and whether he'd reprimand Silva for his actions. Apparently he won't be (video above courtesy of Sexto Round):

"The guy's name is the f**king Axe Murderer, okay. What do you expect? This is the way he is. Brazilians as a people are very proud people as it is. Wanderlei is like up here (holds hand above head) when it comes to that. And he's always had beef with Chael Sonnen with what he said about Brazil and the way he talked about him and his people. So...that's Wanderlei.

As long as they don't exchange punches or get into a fight outside of the octagon, they can say whatever they want about each other.

There were people around to intervene and make sure that nothing happened. But I'd like to think that they're both professional enough that that wouldn't happen. But you never know when guys get emotional. Let's put it this way - let's just be happy it didn't happen."

He also discussed the idea of Chael and Wanderlei coaching the Brazilian version of The Ultimate Fighter, joking about how he'd be worried about Sonnen's safety in Brazil and having to fly him in at night. Check the video above for his full explanation on that issue.

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