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Jon Jones believes Alexander Gustafsson should not get an immediate rematch (Updated)

After winning the toughest fight of his career, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones isn't sure that Alexander Gustafsson should get an immediate rematch with him.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

Jon Jones' next light heavyweight title defense is a bit uncertain at this point. After a memorable win over the weekend against Alexander Gustafsson, some fans and media members have called for an immediate rematch given the close nature of the bout and the high drama and excitement delivered throughout the evening. Dana White said in the UFC 165 post-fight press conference that a rematch would be "likely". In an interview with Ariel Helwani as part of UFC Tonight, Jones not only felt that he clearly beat Gustafsson but that he's not too sure about an immediate rematch:

UPDATEMMA Fighting has more details:

According to a report on Wednesday's edition of UFC Tonight, Jones initially believed an immediate rematch against Gustafsson would be the fairest outcome. However, after re-watching the fight "over 10 times," Jones believes he decisively beat Gustafsson for at least three rounds, scoring rounds two, four and five for himself.

UPDATE II: Here's the official quote from Helwani from the show:

"He told me he did not break his foot. It's just a deep bruise and he should be good to go in a few weeks. Right after the fight he thought the most-fair thing to do was to grant Alexander Gustafsson a rematch. Now, after watching the fight over ten more, Jones thinks he decisively won rounds two, four and five and that he decisively won the fight, so the most-fair thing to do is to move on."

Jones also told Helwani that he thought he possibly won the opening round where he was taken down for the first time in his career (although he did return to his feet seconds later).

Glover Teixeira, who admittedly told Helwani that he's not against Jones and Gustafsson fighting again while he takes another fight, is theoretically next in line for Jones should the rematch not take place.

Gustafsson, who spoke to Kenny Florian and Chael Sonnen via Skype, hasn't been approached by UFC officials about a potential rematch.

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