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Dana White says Ken Shamrock owes him $175,000 in attorney fees

During an interview with Fight Hub TV Dana White revealed that UFC hall of famer, Ken Shamrock, owes him almost $200K stemming from a failed lawsuit.

Dana White and the Shamrocks haven't exactly had a warm and sunny relationship over the years. While Frank has been on the receiving end of much of that for vacating a UFC title, and for his relationship with former UFC promotional rival Strikeforce, it appears that Dana has recently turned his attention to Ken. Following a slew of tweets and statements from Ken Shamrock about the UFC's current levels of fighter pay, and more personal attacks on Dana White for his perceived treatment of former UFC fighters, Dana hit back with a message for Ken via Fight Hub TV:

I don't even want to mention this guy's f***ing name, but it's just, like, Ken Shamrock burst back on the scene. "Hey everybody I'm here to save everybody," or whatever. No, you're trying to become relevant again is what you're trying to do. Let's not forget that Ken Shamrock tried to sue us, that he said that his contract... Ken Shamrock owes me $175,000. And I'm coming for it Ken; I'm coming for the f***ing money you piece of s***.

You should have f***ing stayed wherever you were, hidden under the f***ing porch somewhere. The guy owes me $175,000 because him and his f***ing scumbag lawyer put together some phony lawsuit that he lost. And he owes me $175,000 in attorney's fees. And he's out there talking about what he doesn't have and what guys aren't getting and all this s***. He's trying to make himself relevant again and if anybody can't see that, you're just f***ing stupid.

I don't know if there will be any direct fallout from this. If true it seems like a somewhat bizarre incident for Dana White to have been leaving on the back burner. Has he really not been pursuing Ken for this money until Ken called him out publicly? Perhaps he has and this is the trigger for him to start putting the pressure on Ken to pay up. If so that spells trouble for Shamrock, who was recently in the news for pulling out of a planned career comeback fight at age 49. Most likely there's more to this situation than that, but either way it's a damning bit of information made public by the UFC's president of operations.

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