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Alexander Gustafsson has no major injuries as he hopes for Jon Jones rematch

Alexander Gustafsson is healthy coming out of UFC 165 and his thrilling loss to Jon Jones.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

UFC 165 saw Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson put on one of the best fights in the history of the UFC when they went five competitive rounds with Jones edging out a close decision.

In his immediate post-fight excitement, UFC president Dana White talked rematch as though it was his main goal to see the two men run it back for one more fight. It didn't take long before he started to temper that talk by also throwing out Glover Texeira's name as the other option for Jones' next fight.

Mike Winkeljohn said that Jones' foot was "possibly shattered" in the fight, making it seem as though the rematch may be put off for some time. But Gustafsson's coach, Eric Del Fierro, told MMA Fighting last night that the challenger is in good shape, stating in a text "No major injuries...Just sore and staples on top of his head."

Jones' foot and the UFC's decision of what's best for business will determine if it's a rematch or a Glover title shot next, but I would love to see the rematch. I know there are some that hate immediate rematches, I think that the legacy it builds for the fighters to have these rivalries and the good it does for a sport to have compelling fights is just too overwhelming to mess around.

Yes, maybe they could each fight once or twice before doing it again, but if one of them loses, you can lose a lot of the attraction of the competitive fight and (mild) controversy over the scorecards. Messing around too much costs big fights. Jones and Anderson Silva will never have the luster it once did if it ever gets made what with Silva's KO loss and history is littered with those situations.

I still think Texeira gets absolutely thrashed by Jones and Gustafsson did well enough to just do the rematch and let Glover make a better case for his title worthiness than beating a shot Quinton Jackson, a pretty good James Te Huna and Ryan Bader. Not that those aren't good wins, but he just needs to fight one or two top level challengers before I'd ever declare that he can't possibly wait for a title shot while Jones and Gustafsson battle again.

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