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Arthur Jones says UFC champ Jon Jones makes more than both NFL star brothers combined

Arthur Jones says that Jon Jones makes more than Arthur, a defensive end for the Ravens, and Chandler Jones (a defensive end for the Patriots) combined.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

Don't worry, concerned fans, Jon Jones' bank account is doing just fine these day. At least, that's what his brother, Baltimore Ravens defensive end Arthur Jones says.

After a fan tweeted Arthur about needing to hook Jon up with a better agent so he could make the kind of money Arthur and brother Chandler (a defensive end for the New England Patriots) pull in, Arthur tweeted back the following:

Arthur has a one year contract with a base pay of $2,023,000 while Chandler has a four year deal worth a total of $8,172,552 ($7,421,215 guaranteed). $4,384,000 is a signing bonus and they have his base pay structured out so that he only makes $761,522 in base pay this year -- not exactly a bad thing given the large signing bonus.

The idea that Jones makes as much as them might seem slightly hard to believe but when you factor in sponsorships (even if people tend to think fighters make more from sponsor deals than is reality) and base pay plus the always hard to pin down undisclosed bonuses, it's shouldn't really be that far fetched that he's making $4,000,000 a year ($2mil a fight the past two years).

It's a different sport with a different pay structure, and Malki Kawa is not Al Haymon on Malki's best day and Al's worst, but if Andre Berto can pull $1,650,000 against Guerrero on HBO, one would hope that the best fighter in the UFC can compete with that on top drawing PPVs.

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