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UFC 165: Jones vs Gustafsson - Live results and play-by-play for Facebook and Fox Sports 1 prelims

Live results and thoughts for the preliminary portion of the card for UFC 165: Jones vs. Gustafsson.


The return of the top pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC is tonight as Jon Jones defends his light heavyweight title against Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165. The event kicks off at 6:15 p.m. ET with four fights on Facebook, followed by four fights on Fox Sports 1 at 8 p.m. ET and then the five fight main card on pay-per-view at 10 p.m. ET.

This post will cover the action on the Facebook and Fox Sports 1 prelims.

Here's how the prelim portion of the card breaks down:

Facebook prelims (6:15 p.m. ET)

Heavyweight - Nandor Guelmino vs. Daniel Omielanczuk

Bantamweight - Roland Delorme vs. Alex Caceres

Lightweight - Jesse Ronson vs. Michael Prazeres

Lightweight - John Makdessi vs. Renee Forte

FS1 Prelims (8 p.m. ET)

Bantamweight - Mitch Gagnon vs. Dustin Kumura

Welterweight - Chris Clements vs. Stephen Thompson

Bantamweight - Ivan Menjivar vs. Wilson Reis

Lightweight - Mike Ricci vs. Myles Jury

Make sure to come back and share your thoughts in the comments as the action goes down.

Nandor Guelmino vs. Daniel Omielanczuk - Round 1 -They trade kicks before Omielanczuk throws a few head kicks that have Nandor backing up, more out of caution than any sort of damage. Omielanczuk buzzed him a bit with a punch and later on goes to the body. Nandor throwing a lot and throwing hard but not really landing anything. Omielanczuk pushes him into the cage and works foot stomps and knees to the thigh. Omielanczuk with a takedown but Guelmino is to his feet almost immediately. 10-9 Omielanczuk but nothing too impressive from either.

Round 2 - Omielanczuk with a big left and Nandor is hurt. Omielanczuk is following up hard. Now he tries for a takedown and finally gets it.  It took a long time and let Nandor recover. Now Omielanczuk looks for a kimura and gets swept and now he's turtled up with Nandor on top. Nandor just maintaining top position and working away. 10-9 Nandor.

Round 3 - Nandor comes out with a headkick, Omielanczuk throws one in return. Both guys are exhausted and plodding around the cage throwing awful arm punches and holding on to each other. Omielanczuk pushing Nandor into the cage. Omielanczuk just holding him against the cage landing a few knees to the thigh but not much more. But Nandor is doing even less. Now Nandor throwing some kcks to the body, Omielanczuk with some in return and now a big left and Nandor is out. Well, that's a thing. Daniel Omielanczuk wins by KO (punch), round 3.

Roland Delorme vs. Alex Caceres - Round 1 - Caceres misses with a head kick and with a spinning backfist. Delorme with a straight punch that comes up just short. Caceres throwing some nice combinations now and starting to land. Left hand from Delorme drops Caceres and Delorme had mounted crucifix before Caceres reversed him but now Delorme reverses him back. Delorme has the back and he's working punches and looking for a choke. Caceres finally escapes late in the round but too little, too late. 10-9 Delorme.

Round 2 - Caceres out and popping some straight punches, wanting to keep the fight at distance. Delorme throwing back and landing fairly hard when he does land, but Caceres is outworking him. Delorme tries to lock up a choke in a scramble, but nothing there and Caceres goes back to popping him. Delorme with a big right hand and then a takedown attempt but the takedown doesn't happen. 10-9 Caceres.

Round 3 -More of the same with the start of round 3. Caceres moving outside and just outworking Delorme with straight strikes. Caceres with the body shot, then up to the head twice. Delorme with a few takedowns, but Caceres is quickly bouncing up from each of them. Now Caceres is on the back and Delorme stands up. Delorme does manage to get on top on the ground now. 10-9 Caceres gives him the 29-28 on my card.

Official scorecards: 29-28 Caceres, 29-28 Delorme, 29-28 Caceres. Alex Caceres wins by split decision.

Jesse Ronson vs. Michael Prazeres - Round 1 -Facebook stream died for me so I missed the start of the round but when the YouTube stream launched, Prazeres was on top, in side control and clearly in control. Now Prazeres on to the back and he's landing some good punches to the face. 10-9 Prazeres.

Round 2 -Prazeres quickly with a takedown and he has the back taken within 40 seconds of the start of the round. Ronson shakes him off and Prazeres takes him right back down. Prazeres with a front headlock but Ronson manages to stand up and he starts to throw a few punches. Prazeres with a right hand and another takedown. Back to standing and Ronson does manage to land a head kick and a body kick. Better round for Ronson, but I think Prazeres still did enough to win the round 10-9.

Round 3 -Big uppercut from Ronson early and Prazeres lands a right hand in return, but nowhere near as solid as Ronson's. Prazeres with some big right hands. Prazares fails on a takedown attempt and Ronson starts kicking the legs. Prazares gets up and lands a right hand, left hand from Ronson in return. Prazeres with a big takedown with about aminute left. They're up and Ronson explodes with a big slam and the round ends. 10-9 Ronson makes it 29-28 Prazeres on my card.

Official scorecards: 29-28 Ronson, 29-28 Prazeres, 29-28 Prazeres. Michael Prazeres wins by split decision.

John Makdessi vs. Renee Forte - Round 1 - Forte pushing forward and throwing some right hands. Forte throwing some good kicks now and Makessi throws a spinning back kick to the body and Forte felt that one. Big counter and Makdessi has dropped Forte. Now a flurry of punches and this one is over. John Makdessi wins by KO (punches), round 1.

Mitch Gagnon vs. Dustin Kumura - Round 1 - Gagnon throwing some kicks early and Kimura throws one of his own in return. Right hand by Kimura lands and Gagnon circles away. Gagnon with some wide punches and he lands a left hand. Now Gagnon with a good left that hits Kimura on the jaw. Kimura bleeding from the nose. Huge flurry from Gagnon including some hard shots to the body. Kimura with some body punches of his own now. Great body shot by Kimura and Gagnon grabs at his body but manages to get the takedown. Great job getting the takedown when hurt. Kimura tries to finish with a heel hook, Gagnon muscles out and starts to land some huge shots to the head and Kimura escapes to his feet. Big shots to the head and body by Gagnon and he has a deep arm in guillotine and Kimura goes out cold. Mitch Gagnon wins by technical submission (guillotine choke), round 1.

Chris Clements vs. Stephen Thompson - Round 1 - Thompson with a head kick immediately. Clements coming forward and throws a spinning back kick that misses. Leg kick by Clements and Thompson misses a return kick. Sweep kick by Clements almost puts Thompson down but Thompson clinches him against the cage. Thompson now with the takedown. Back to standing they go. Thompson catches him with a right hand, Clements with a body kick. Clements slips throwing a punch and Thompson jumps on top of him. Clements gets back to his feet. Thompson with a few good punches. Leg kick by Thompson. Thompson gets to mount on the ground now and the round ends. 10-9 Thompson.

Round 2 - Clements comes out and misses a few shots. Thompson catches him and knocks him wobbly a bit and now they're back on the ground. Thompson on top in half guard. Thompson catches him again on the feet and Clements' legs go on him and he falls backward into the cage after another punch and it's over. Stephen Thompson wins by TKO (punches), round 2.

Ivan Menjivar vs. Wilson Reis - Round 1 - Reis with a leg kick. Reis continuing with the leg kicks, Menjivar throws one of his own. Menjivar with a Thai clinch and Reis throws punches at his head, Menjivar lobs knees and one of them stings Reis as he circles away from the clinch. Reis with a takedown with about half a minute left and he throws an elbow. 10-9 Reis.

Round 2 - Wide right hand lands for Menjivar. Later in the round, Reis with another takedown and he lands a big elbow. Reis just grinding away here. Nothing pretty or anything, but it's effective and he's winning the round. 10-9 Reis.

Round 3 - Another takedown from Reis and now he's into full mount. The grappling of Reis is just on another level from Menjivar. Not a lot to say here, he just rode out position and won the fight. I have it a shutout.

Official scorecards: 29-28 across the board. Wilson Reis wins by unanimous decision.

Mike Ricci vs. Myles Jury - Round 1 - A lot of circling, Jury lands a good right hand, Ricci with some leg kicks. Jury tries for a takedown, Ricci lands some elbows to the side of Jury's head as the crowd boos. Bad round. 10-9 Jury I guess?

Round 2 - More of the came as they circle and both men look to land jabs and overhands. Really horrible fight. 10-9 Jury?

Round 3 - Jury with a takedown. Ricci tries to stand. He's still trying to stand. Ricci is still stuck, unable to stand.Ricci gets on top, Jury reverses. That'll end the fight as the crowd loudly and violently boos. 10-9 Jury?

Official scorecards: 29-28 Jury, 29-28 Ricci, 29-28 Jury. Myles Jury wins by split decision.

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