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UFC 165: Jones vs. Gustafsson odds and betting lines

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A look at the latest odds for every UFC 165 bout.

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

Heading into tomorrow's UFC 165 card we've got the latest betting lines for you courtesy of Clearly UFC Light Heavyweight champ Jon Jones is a prohibitive favorite at -825 and his challenger Alexander Gustafsson is a huge underdog at +702.

Here are the odds:

What does it all mean? Here's how MMA betting lines work:

In this fight, Jones is the favorite and at -825 it means for every $8.25 you bet, you will win $1 if he wins the fight. So if you bet $825 on Jones and he wins, you'd profit $100. If Jones were to lose though, you'd lose the full $825. If you were to bet on Gustafsson at +702, you would would win $7.02 for every $1 you bet. So if you bet $100 on Gus and he wins the fight, you will profit $702. If Gus were to lose the fight, you'd lose your original $100 bet.

Good luck.

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